We help  digital design agencies, app developers, training platforms create UX


UX Research

We analyze and compare user data and information with market news and trends to develop competitive intelligence and actionable insights for your team. Our approach is to use qualitative and quantitative research methods to improve usability, to inform digital strategy, and to influence key stakeholders.

Content Strategy

We aim to deliver quality content that exceeds expectations and addresses end-user needs. Our approach is to use sound information architecture design to develop strategic messaging that is simple, easy-to-understand, and aligns with business goals and objectives.

Interaction Design

We design digital interfaces that guide users along their quest to complete tasks on websites, and mobile or web applications. Our approach is to create high impact design while minimizing words, visuals, devices, and the amount of time it takes for users to interact with a site or application.

Data Analytics

We collaborate with project teams to develop evaluation metrics for UX designs and marketing strategy plans. Our approach is to monitor user interactions with a brand across multiple channels and to analyze data streams from targeted sources to optimize the customer experience (CX).

Learning Experience Design (LXD)

We develop eLearning courses that place the learner at the center of the user experience. Our approach is to design courses that are project-based and offer learners the ability to test their knowledge, track their performance, and apply their knowledge.

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Product Marketing Strategy

We generate demand by leveraging strengths, mitigating weaknesses, capitalizing on opportunities, and preparing for threats. Our approach is to use personalized, integrated communications to drive brand loyalty and to nurture customer relationships.

Training & Consulting

We offer custom training solutions and consulting services by-the-project for your strategy, content, design, and data analytics projects. Our approach is to counsel executives on industry best practices and to upskill employees so they remain current and competitive in the era of digital transformation.

Our Team



Justin is a strategic communications consultant, and the founder of Buehler Strategies. He has worked with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies on digital transformation initiatives.



Lyndi manages strategic relationships with vendors, developing content and training materials, and facilitating virtual and instructor-led courses.

Why Work with Us?

Gain New Perspective On Projects

When you're too close to a project, it's like trying to see the forest from the trees. We can help you gain a new perspective on your project with fresh ideas that reinvigorate your team and solve communications challenges that result in happy clients and customers.

Overcome Staff Shortages

A leave of absence, or staff reduction can suddenly leave you with more work than you can handle. Leave it to our team to hit the ground running. We work by-the-project, or on retainer, depending on the project requirements.

Deliver on Deadline

Your project teams are missing deadlines, or perhaps the scope of the project has expanded but you don't have the resources to fulfill the requests. We can help you reach your project milestones without missing a beat. Call us for help reaching the finish line.

Leverage Expertise

When you need an experienced digital strategist for your team or project, only the best will do. We've worked with some of the leading technology companies credited with innovations that have shaped the way we work and live. Our resume includes Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Add us to your contact list for your next project.

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