Our Approach

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your project. The initial consultation will help us understand how our Research & Strategy, Content & Design, and Data & Analytics services can assist you in reaching your goals and objectives. 

Although the scope of each project is different, we typically advise clients using a four-phase strategic communications planning framework:

  • Research: Includes analyzing market data, identifying competitors, uncovering opportunities, and determining the best path forward.
  • Action Planning: Includes setting goals and objectives in alignment with the business’ strategic plan; identifying target audiences; developing messaging; creating strategies and tactics; determining a proposed budget; and setting a timeline to execute the plan.
  • Communication: Includes reviewing the plan as a whole and identifying gaps in strategic planning.
  • Evaluation: Includes selecting measurement tools, and identifying KPIs to ensure campaign success.

By using this integrated approach to communications, we’re able to create synergy among stakeholders and achieve measurable results for our clients. 

As we transition out of the strategic communications consultant role, we provide a blueprint for maintaining campaign momentum. We also offer training on reporting tools to ensure teams are prepared for leadership meetings.