We approach each project by asking questions and learning about the project requirements. This will help us understand how our UX research, content strategy, digital design, data analytics, and training services can assist you in reaching your project goals and objectives. Although the scope of each project varies, we typically advise clients using a four-phase strategic communications planning framework:

  • Research: Includes testing users, analyzing market data, identifying competitors, uncovering marketing opportunities, and determining the best path forward

  • Planning: Includes setting goals, S.M.A.R.T. objectives, and KPIs in alignment with the business’ strategic plan; developing content strategy; planning a budget; and scheduling project milestones to ensure the project is on track

  • Execution: Includes monitoring performance and making adjustments to the project plan

  • Evaluation: Includes measuring project progress, and documenting successes and lessons learned

By using this framework, we’re able to create synergy among stakeholders and achieve measurable results for your project. We also offer training on the latest technology tools and trends to ensure your team is optimized and ready to take advantage of new opportunities in the ever-changing digital marketplace.