Buehler Strategies founder achieves milestone

This month, I received my master’s degree in public relations and corporate communications (PRCC) from Georgetown University. Of course, I couldn’t have done this alone.

As I think back on the journey, the pivotal moments in my life that didn’t seem that profound at the time now appear as significant milestones, or dots on the timeline of my life—each influencer and moment growing in significance as life unfolds.

  • My hard-working parents Lex and Debra Buehler encouraging me to follow my dreams, guided by their love and support–no matter how seemingly impossible or far off the ideal

  • My grandmother Cleadythe Buehler teaching me self-discipline and the importance of positive thinking and a “can do” attitude during spring break–I thought I was going to swim every morning in my grandparent’s community pool but instead had to practice multiplication

  • My friend Toben Squires suggesting I write poetry and song lyrics for our rock band, which set me on course to become a writer

  • My dad asking me to move back home to Arizona to attend college after two attempts at becoming a rock star in Hollywood, California

  • My public relations teacher at Mesa Community College advising me to earn a bachelor’s degree at a university after receiving my associate degree in public relations–I took his advice and enrolled at Northern Arizona University two years later

  • My favorite freelance copywriting author Peter Bowerman inspiring me to start a freelance copywriting, editing and proofreading business called The Copywriting Factory (now a public relations and corporate communications consulting firm called Buehler Strategies)

  • My former manager Jonathan Boyle hiring me to join the incredible organizational communications team at Raytheon Missile Systems, where he became my mentor and inspired me several years later to pursue my master’s degree at Georgetown University

  • My wife Lyndi Buehler showing me unconditional love and support while pursuing my master’s degree despite giving birth to our son and having reconstructive foot surgery in the midst of it all

  • My Savior, professors, advisors…and so many more! 

Yes, dream do come true. But I couldn’t have done this alone. I am where I am today because of all of you. I think this has been the most important lesson of all.

Now when I look over at my diploma on the office wall, I see more than a degree: I see the timeline of my life, the dots connected by what I thought were insignificant moments but which have turned out to be significant milestones that have helped me reach this destination.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, for encouraging me, for believing in me, and for making my dreams come true.